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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Karan Virk (Social Salamander) Wiki

Karan Virk (Social Salamander) is an active member, contributor & author on various Indian Comics communities, groups, forums since 2006. Karan is best known for his book Tails of Low I.Q., his blog Karanva & his works on now defunct Raj Comics Forums. Wrote over 140 stories-scenes-poems-articles-blogs till date.

Official Blog - करन-वा (Karan-Va)http://karanva.blogspot.in/

List of Awards, Accomplishments, Info and his Contest Record

*) - Published Works

1. Tails of Low I.Q. (February 2012)
2. Flight 297 Comic (Team Member) (August 2011)

*) - Upcoming Projects

1. Heads of High I.Q.
2. Indi Horror (Vol. #Karan)
3. Infra Surkh Shayars (Book 2)
4. The Trending Tale

*) - Awards/Contests

1. Winner for his Story Demon in a Bottle, The Ultimate Writer Contest (Story Writing Contest : Season 2, RC Forums & Orkut Communities) [2009]

2. Co-winner for the story Tears of a Clown, Story Writing Contest : Season 3 (RC Forums & FB Indian Comic Groups-Pages) [2010]

3. Winner, poem : तीन रंग, Comics-Lyrics Challenge (RC Forums) [2011]

4. RC Forum Championship Record

Season 1 (2007) : Runners-up (Team B)

Season 2 (2010) : Champions (Team C)  
*Extraordinary Efforts for Team Award with Vishal Upadhyay 

*) - Other Names - Social Salamander, Karanva(wa), Snake Master, Karrant, Sixth Pandav.

A user Poll with all the finalist entries by Karan (in Miscellaneous-General Category), Story Contest : Season 3

Happy Birthday!!!! Karan :)

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