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Friday, December 20, 2013

Indian Comics Fandom Awards : Best Reviewer

Indian Comics Fandom Award for Best Reviewer of All Time

Now, this is tricky because there are/were few reviewers in various communities, groups, websites (couple of them even defunct). Its easy for me to vote for Best Reviewer of the year 2013 but its difficult to choose one all time best. 

P.S. Yours truly is also nominated there (total 14 reviewers nominated from different communities). For me I am definitely not in the top reviewers of all time. 

Poll Link at Kwiksurveys Website -

*) - 14 Nominees - Indian Comics Fandom Award for Best Reviewer of All Time 

*) - System counts only one vote per IP address. 

*) - Results/Deadline - Afternoon (22/12/2013)

*) - Nominated Reviewers 

Ajay Dhillon
Youdhveer Singh
Mohit Sharma
Supratim Saha
Anshul Kumar A.
Mukesh Gupta
Saurabh Agrawal
Rasik Thool
Rahul Kochar
Shubham Nanet
Rahul R. Sharma
Imran Husain
Neel Eeshu
Amitabh Kar

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