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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Top Coloring, Effects & Image Editing Artists

Top  Coloring, Effects & Image Editing Artists produced by Indian Comics Communities over the years.

#1 - Abhishek Gautam ("Aashu", The best...)
#2 - Shadab Siddiqui ("Shasid", A fan on RC Forums who now works for RC)
#3 - Naval Thanawala (Dedicated, currently works for Fenil Comics)
#4 - Manas Thaware ("Cyber Dejavu", best known for his works in RFN Community)
#5 - Abhishek Singh ("Jack", Improved a lot in couple of years... P.S. youngest!)
#6 - Utsav Narayan Singh ("Vastu", Talented, good software knowledge-skills & developed admirable styles..produced some wonderful images back in 2007-09 on RC Forums)

Abhishek, Utsav, Manas are busy in their lives and we will (Sad but true) never see their best and commercial works (given wo agar industry mey hote) in comic & entertainment industry. The early edge (which was visible in their works back then) they got over others.....aaahhh!!! Hats off to these 5 artists!

- Mohit Trendster / Trendy Baba

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