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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Q & A with Courtney Dowdy (Actress-Model)

An interview with beautiful (& talented) actress Courtney Dowdy from Kentucky, United States. Enjoy! Like-subscribe-follow her profiles...

P.S. Interviewer - Yours Truly :)

Interview (Q & A) Video (Unable to attach the video on Blog) :

Courtney as Maddie (Movie : Fat Chance)

Questions sent to Courtney

"Question 1) - Who/What inspired you to become an actress & how old were you when you started acting, were you involved in musicals and plays in school?

Question 2) - Who are your Role Models or people you look up to in Acting, Modeling & Life (and Why)?

Question 3) - What is/are your favorite movie genre(s)?

Question 4) - Other Hobbies and Pastimes besides acting, modeling?

Question 5) - Tell us more about your upcoming projects?

Question 6) - Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Question 7) - What advice would you give to young kids who want to act?

Question 8) - Your best performance till date? (& your best youtube monologue video also)

Question 9) - Share some interesting items from your ‘Bucketlist’ & few random facts about yourself?

10) – This is a request; I liked all your monologue videos & want to see you reading my funny poem in a serious/tragic monologue mode.

Title – Just ‘Hear’ This!!
"There was a Deer,
Whose ear sensed a Bear,
Deer froze with fear,
Bear came near.

Negotiated Deer,
"Dear Bear, I have Beer, with which you can cheer."
Bear changed his mind's gear,
Bear drank beer.
and also tried to tear the deer,
Escaped Deer,
By reminding Bear,
That Bear forgot to wear his underwear."

Best Wishes!
Mohit Sharma"

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- Mohit Sharma (Trendster / Trendy Baba)

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