अंतरजाल की दुनिया और जीवन में मोहित शर्मा 'ज़हन' के बिखरे रत्नों में से कुछ...

Friday, December 28, 2012

Chali Gayi Wo!

Brave girl "Damini" dies, a black day for Delhi-India. :(

 ...Chali gayi wo,
Wahan jahan uski khoobsurat surat si sabki seerat hogi...
Jahan bayano par bhadakne waali,
Anjaamo par tadapne waali bheed nahi hogi...

Yahan insaaf se pehle jaane kitni darkhwast lagani padti..
Seedhe khuda tak apni arzi lekar chali gayi wo...

Rakho apni nam aankhen apne paas...
Surkh daaman...aur num zehan lekar chali gayi wo...

Rishton ki dor se upar rutbe-rob ki daud hoti hai...
Ruthe jazbato par jahan rukhi rajneeti hoti hai...
.....iss jahan ko chhodkar....us aasma mey chali gayi wo...


:( Maaf kar dena sister kuch bas mey nahi hai...koshish karunga ki jald hi us sthiti mey aa paun ki kuch kar paun.

Image - mrpshow (DA)


Indian Comics Fandom (Vol. 2)

Indian Comics Fandom (Vol. 2), Independent Entertainers Special, also covers Mumbai Film & Comic Con 2012, Nagraj Janmotsav, First Readers Poll-Award, Info about indie comic series, artworks and much more (...cover says it all :P)

*) Minus: http://trendybaba.minus.com/l9ja6D75uJNJS

*) Scribd: http://www.scribd.com/doc/118260770/Indian-Comics-Fandom-Vol-2

*) Readwhere: www.readwhere.com/read/78475/Indian-Comics-Fandom-Vol.-1/Vol.-2

*) ISSUU: http://issuu.com/mohit-trendy-baba/docs/indian_comics_fandom__vol._2_

*) 4Shared: http://www.4shared.com/office/ohRkZO4C/Indian_Comics_Fandom__Vol_2_.html

Soon available on few other websites and channels.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tharki Subscribers Making Girls 'Popular'

Posted a status on FB & artist Surjeet instantly made a sketch on the concept. 

An artist - "Mohit Bhai, mere artworks k page par bas 150 followers hai...sundar ladkiyon k to bina kuch kiye 5-10 hazar tak subscribers ho jaate hai... :("

Mohit - "Bhai...don't worry! Ek true fan hazar tharkiyon se better hota hai."

Friday, December 14, 2012

Best Online Promotion (Ads-Teasers) by an Indian Comic Publication Award

 **Result - Best-Consistent Online Promotion (Ads-Teasers) by an Indian Comic Publication**

Total 19 Indian Comic Publications listed & reviewed in the poll & discussion. We have a clear winner - Holy Cow Entertainment, Congratulations!!! HCE Team.
Followed by Campfire Graphic Novels (20 votes).

With 12 votes upcoming publication Rovolt Entertainment wins a close battle for Bronze Medal against [Vimanika Comics (10), Fenil Comics (9), Fiction Comics (8) respectively]. Amar Chitra Katha’s goodwill continues as it sits handsomely at seventh place with 4 votes.

Old School web-series keeps hopes alive for Level 10 (3), Yali Dream Creations-Liquid Comics-Diamond Comics are joint fly weight champions with 1 vote each (9). Sadly, Tinkle and Himalayan Comics finish last with 0 votes. Some other revived, new publications not in the list are Yomics, Pop Culture Publishing, Arkin Comics, Chariot Comics World Comics India & Comix India.

*Independent Webcomic series not included. :)
**Volume wise & base wise RC is best for many fans, for better view RC is not included in the poll.

Total Votes – 110
Poll Conducted – Indian Comics Fan Junction, Indian Comics Universe Fan Club (Total about 2000 members, so, 110 even with few double votes is a good sample size).

1. Holy Cow Entertainment – 41
2. Campfire Graphic Novels – 20
3. Rovolt – 12
4. Vimanika Comics – 10
5. Fenil Comics – 9
6. Fiction Comics – 8
7. Amar Chitra Katha – 4
8. Level 10 - 3
9. Diamond Comics – 1
9. Yali Dream Creations – 1
9. Liquid Comics – 1
12. Tinkle
12. Himalayan
12. Chariot Comics
12. Pop Culture Publishing
12. Yomics
12. Arkin Comics
12. Comix.India
12. World Comics India

Certificates for top 5 publications (a little token of our love) coming soon. We ♥ Comics!! Cheers! :) - Mohit Trendster.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thank You! :D

I would like to thank everyone for the..support, feedback, motivation (& love) they have given me over the years...These 3 exclusive search suggestions with my pseudonyms/pen names are the proof of your love. 

Thank you! May God Bless you all!!!! :)

- Mohit Sharma (Trendster / Trendy Baba) 

Indi Horror Series (Teaser)

Indi Horror Comic Series, I am collaborating with different artists Anubhav Rakesh, Kuldeep Babbar, Prakash Bhalavi and Ashish Khare. For the first stage we are working on 4 comics (artwork for 2 comics is complete) and...lets see...
Mohit Sharma (Trendy Baba)