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Monday, July 15, 2013

Freelance Talents Championship Update

  Final 16 Authors after 3 Rounds & Parallel League Competition with total 311 authors. Unfortunately, no challenger from the parallel league won their qualifier to get into top 16. 
 Eesh Khan 
Srishti Yash Mudaliar

Shivam Pandya 
Deven Pandey

Prashant Vasava 
Mohit Sharma

Soumendra Majumder 
Kapil Chandak

Rishi Srivastava 
Karan Virk

Youdhveer Singh 
Ranjana Sharma

Siddhant Shekhar 
Ravi Shankar

Mehfooz Ali
Rahul Ranjan
Match Schedule (Round 3) or Pre-Quarter Finals*

Based on mirrored pairing (sequencing - announcement of results, qualifying round winners are serially placed after 11 Round 2 winners who were not challenged in the qualifiers.)

Match 1 - Siddhant Shekhar vs. Srishti Yash Mudaliar

Match 2 - Shivam Pandya vs. Deven Pandey

Match 3 - Prashant Vasava vs. Mohit Sharma

Match 4 - Soumendra Majumder vs. Kapil Chandak

Match 5 - Rishi Srivastava vs. Karan Virk

Match 6 - Youdhveer Singh vs. Ranjana Sharma

Match 7 - Daud Zaidi (Replaces Eesh Khan) vs. Priyashrav Bhardwaj (Replaces Ravi Shankar)

Match 8 - Mehfooz Ali vs. Rahul Ranjan

[No walkover rule....if you are withdrawing your participation you can nominate any other author in his/her place who participated in the championship but was eliminated. (If the author goes on to win the match to reaches next round....both the writers share credit of the title as co-winners)]

* Eesh Khan nominated Daud Zaidi & Ravi Shankar nominated Priyashrav Bharadwaj which are now paired against each other.

*) - Theme : Mystery/Suspense

*) - Word Limit : 3500 Words (Penalty of minus 5 per 100 words)

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