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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Aids Peedit Vampire

Year 2008 (Storywrite Website and RC Forums, Homepage) Yahan dono version diye hai...
Fighter Toads ki mulaqat ek chor ka Hospital mey peecha karne kay dauran Tauki ji se hoti hai. Toads chor ko jail pahunchate hai aur Tauki ji se milte hai. Tauki ji bahut udaas thi...jab Toads unki udaasi ki wajah poochte hai to Tauki ji batati hai ki unke Hospital mey bane AIDS patients kay ward mey dawaiyon aur counseling kay sahare apni zindagi ko kuch badha rahe H.I.V. positive mareezo mey bahut nirasha faili hai....unhe lagta hai ki wo log samaj kay liye abhishaap hai aur kabhi samaj kay kaam nahi aa sakte. Tauki ji unhe samjhane ki har sambhav kosish karke haar chuki thi....unme se ek teen age ladka Rahul ab kuch dino ka mehmaan tha jis wajah se ward mey aur bhi dukh aur nirasha pasar gayi.

Tab Fighter Toads un zindagi se nirash patients ki duniya mey khushi bharne ki thaante hai...Toads apni harkaton se sabko hasatey....un Aids patients kay saamne ladte.....sabko har baat par sabse zyada chidhne waale Cutterr ko tease karna bahut achchha lagta tha. Fighter Toads kay crime fighting kay kisse sun kar sab has has kar lot-pot ho jaate. Uss Hospital khaaskar AIDS ward ka mahaul hi badal jaata hai.
Tabhi shehar mey Dracula ka ek rishteydaar Vampire Rajapur mey aatank machane lagta hai. Toads us Vampire dwara kaate gaye Vampires ko ek jagah kaid kar lete hai par uss takatvar Vampire ko kaid nahi kar paate. Toads Vampire kay aas-paas kay elakon ko khaali karva dete hai...Toads uss se door se ladne ki bharpoor kosish karte hai par wo Vampire khatm nahi hota....ab sabko lag raha tha ki ye Vampire Rajapur kay rehaishi elakon mey ghus jaayega...tab wo AIDS peedit ladka Rahul Vampire kay saamne aa jaata hai....Vampire Rahul ko apna shikar bana leta hai par Rahul ka H.I.V. positive khoon peene se Vampire ko bhi AIDS ho jaata hai...Rahul ussi waqt infection ki adhikta se marr jaata hai jabki Vampire mey AIDS kay lakshan dikhne lagte hai jaise uske bahar kay 2 nukeeley daant toot jaana....wo dobara chamgadad kay roop mey nahi aa paa raha tha....uski aankhon kay neeche aur zyada bade 'dark circles' ban gaye thay...etc.

Wo Vampire jald hi marr gaya. Issi tarah uss Vampire ka shikaar hokar Vampire bane kuch logo ko bhi Fighter Toads nay uss Hospital kay AIDS ward kay patients kay khoon se bhari 'tranquilizing' darts maari jis se unme bhi AIDS kay lakshan dikhne lage aur aakhirkaar wo sabhi AIDS peedit Vampires maare gaye. Toads aur Tauki ji nay AIDS patients ko bataya ki aaj unki wajah se manavta par aaya bahut bada khatra tal gaya...yaani aaj wo bhi sachche nagrikon ki tarah samaj kay kaam aaye...

The End.


AIDS Sufferer...Vampire (Category - Other) 


Doctor engrossed in a report "Sore throat, Cough and Cold...second floor, room number 19."

But this was a special case.


At last, Doctor looking at the visitor "Jeeeeeez..Yuck...wak ...what a Buggy..go to the next building?"

"What for?"

Doctor - "That building is Theater and Movie Studio and you were going there...but in confusion and hurry bumped in here."


Doctor - "Okay, so you are nervous before your performance or screen test. You wanna rehearse and are practicing here...O Come on, 'Pee-Pee Man' this is a Hospital."

"I am Desi Vampire...somebody 're-killed' me few decades ago and buried my body near the sewer.....today some freaky stuff (ya..even for me) along with bumper-decomposed  gases leaked at my place from that gutter....and I guess that's enough inspiration...er..irritation for me to rise again and rule the world."

Doctor - "I am a Doctor....not a kid...and you are a normal person trying to imitate some cheap TV program's weak Vampire...."

Desi Vampire - "Okay, then...call your peon..kiddo."

Doctor - "Shambhoo....."

Shambhu - "Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa....."

Doctor - "Oh! Shambhoo looks like an sucked elastic Bamboo...Okay you win...you are a Vampire....I mean wow you are so great....the ultimate Yo Man...I love you. So...now what? Are you going to suck my...."

Desi Vampire - "Haaaaaa....."

Doctor - "..I mean drink my Blood, easy my Lord....but why are you telling me all this...Is this your Modus Operandi...he he...What the fuc....awesome..."

Desi Vampire - "I was on my way to 'suck' people and soon I came to this Hospital...I bit a patient (who laughed instantly when I went there) and drank few liters of blood  but after that I feel like....sick...my hairline receded..my vision needs a Bifocal with a Telescope and a Microscope...since then I am tolerating a voice "peeeeeeeeeeeeee" in my ears....even I went to Toilet couple of times but still this "Peeeee" is on....what's worst is that one of my 'showpeice' teeth broked right outside your office when I was 'busy' with your peon Shambhoo. That's why I told you all this...Please help me...."

Doctor - "You are feeling weak and sick."

Desi Vampire - "Yes....like somebody sucked me....no energy left..."

Doctor - "That first victim of yours in this Hospital was in which ward...."

Desi Vampire - "Ground Floor.....Right section...I don't remember the name of that ward..."

Doctor - Oh My God! That's the ward for AIDS patients...

Desi Vampire - And what's that?

Doctor - AIDS stands for Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome. It's a new disease invented...I mean discovered in later half of 20th Century...I guess you were buried for more than 5-6 decades...I am sorry you sucked an AIDS patient....so now you are H.I.V. Positive....your immune system is getting weaker with every passing second because you consumed quite a lot from that patient. It's too late now.

Desi Vampire - Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!

Doctor - Don't worry you can still become an integrated part of this society....Our Hospital provides free medicines and counseling facilities to AIDS patients....
The End.

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