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Monday, February 17, 2014

GP Block Meerut Visit - Mohitness

Visited Infamous GP Block, Meerut - Listed as India's scariest places. Details, info and more pics @ Mohit-O-Graphy my photography blog.


- Mohit Sharma (Trendster / Trendy Baba)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Video Promo - Ghulam-e-Hind

Ghulam-e-Hind Promo Video

Ghulam-e-Hind Parmanu Origins Video based on the promo, scenes originally posted on RC website.
parmanu originss1512650_582575605151285_1424320066_n (1)_phixrno. 9no. 7no. 12no. 14NO. 16 Some of the text cropped in the video can be viewed here -
Full Promo:
*) – Book – Parmanu (Trendy Baba Series)

Inaugural Issue - Spandan (The Beat of Nation)

Inaugural Issue of Spandan: The Beat of Nation (Jan-Feb 2014), available - 

Also Available – Readwhere, Pothi, Smashwords, Minus & allied networks. Coming soon in print!

Role - Creative Head, Contributor

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Feb 2014 - Roobaru Duniya

Roobaru Duniya (February 2014)

abc Cover story – Roobaru Duniya (February 2014 Edition), Valentine's Day Special - Love Story of Acid Attack Survivor. Working for this magazine since May 2013. (my tenth Article and Second toon for them). 
Also this Cartoon for the magazine with Mr. Harish Atharv Thakur & Mr. Youdhveer Singh. On stands now!!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Arranged Love

Anand finally liked a same caste Hindu girl from a small town that his parents shortlisted from several biodata profiles given to them by marriage bureaus, relatives, neighbors matching their criterion. Though with globalization the rate of arranged marriages in India dropped heavily & live-in relationships, love marriages were quite common nowadays. Anand who lived in his father's mansion wanted his parents to be happy & to repay them by agreeing to marry a girl selected by them....repaying the money, efforts they invested in him all these years with a "homely" wife who take care of them.

Though, he was all for gender equality and looked upto many successful young Indian ladies working as his seniors & co-workers in urban India but for the sake of his parents happiness he gave up the idea of love. Few colleagues hit on him but he forced himself to be single till his parents find him a life partner. His friends, colleagues mocked him on his decision...he just smiled.

Night after wedding Anand wanted to talk to his better half & know as much as he could about her. Her name - Sanmita and she was HOT!! He was 27 year-old and she was a year younger than him. They both were virgins. They both got dirty-sleazy counseling lectures from their close friends. After a couple of days random discussion & observing each other's lovely faces. Anand finally got courage to touch his wife, and the touch was magical. Instantly, both of them felt hormones playing with their bodies in a never before way.

"She is so innocent. Her glowing yellowish-brown skin & her almost perfect curves." He never examined female anatomy so closely except if he was watching a movie alone. She was perfect, Anand cursed himself as he always focused on his job and never gave time to workout. He made a pact to get Bollywood hero like abs & muscles. He kissed her neck, "go-up or go-down...you have whole life go anywhere you fool!" He gathered courage and bit her lips followed by a sensuous smooch...Sanmita grabbed his hair in excitement. They got undressed and explored many new things. She can beat many supermodels any day hands down. She deserves a better Anand. Why is she so apologetic & scared...wanting to please me all the time? Never asking anything in return....Oh! no one told her about female orgasm. In that case she will thank me after this session.  Within few minutes they also discovered their wild passionate side which was dormant due to the cultural boundations they faced all these years. Sanmita's fear turned into love and respect for her husband. She felt something touching her thighs...she smiled and asked few genuine innocent questions about that thing. Their eyes met & they were happy that finally they can do what was forbidden, shameful & taboo all those years.

Next week Anand went to Singapore for 4 months training and returned in a well toned better looking avatar. He also arranged to educate his wife at home. Guarantee of happiness of both the partners in arranged marriage is questionable but this 'arranged-love' gradually turned into 'love-love'. 

Author Notes

*) - New story

*) - Arranged marriage is a type of marital union where the bride and groom are selected by a third party rather than by each other. It was common worldwide until the 18th century. In modern times, arranged marriage has continued in royal, aristocratic families and ethnic minority groups in developed countries; elsewhere, arranged marriage is common in South Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, Southeast Asia and parts of East Asia. Other groups that practice this custom include the Unification Church.

Arranged marriage should not be confused with the practice of forced marriage such as vani. Arranged marriage differs from autonomous marriage - called love marriage in some parts of the world - where the individuals find and select their own spouses; arranged marriages, in contrast, are usually set up by the parents or an older family member. In some cases, arranged marriage involves a matchmaker such as priest or religious leader, matrimonial site, mutual friends or a trusted third party.
Arranged marriages vary in nature and in how much time passes between first introduction and engagement. In an "introduction only" arranged marriage, also known as quasi-arranged marriages or assisted marriages, the parents or guardians introduce a potential spouse. From that point on, it is up to the two individuals to develop the relationship and make a final choice. There is no set time period. This is increasingly common in Japan, parts of Latin America and Africa, South Asia and East Asia.
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