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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

TWG : Federation Gimmick & Profile

TWG online managerial multiplayer game also have federations/promotions option in which virtual shows are hosted regularly with championships, players organized according to their current level. I joined this  federation as a mid-carder. I wrote this intro and further in shows commentary.

Name: Trendster

Nickname: Trendy Baba

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 247lbs

Finisher: Rash Ranger, Mohitness

Taunt: Fandom

"Trendy Baba was a nomadic Hindu sadhu who helped people and was like an unrecognized crime fighter in his country India...one day he was chasing a terrorist gang, but due to misunderstanding and confusion Trendy Baba killed a budding wrestler competing in Independent promotions of South Asia, (Ring Name: Trendster, Name: Mohit Sharma). When the sad spirit of Mohit told him the truth and demanded justice, Trendy Baba willingly gave his body to Mohit....with few of his powers. As a result of his wrestling abilities he soon received contracts from top American Promotions.

Truth is Mohit was indeed one of the terrorists who is money minded and a traitor against his nation India, now got body and powers of Trendy Baba.....but due to sacred body and mind of Trendy Baba his mood, thinking, ideologies....change every now and then..sometimes good-positive and sometimes evil-negative. So, in one event Trendster is heel and in very next PPV he is face helping others....due to his uneven behavior people call him psycho but he is one of the main draws for the promotions he work for. He still helps criminals for money.

Lets hope someday Trendy Baba spirit gets his sacred body from evil Mohit. :)"

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